The CTV market is still undergoing rapid expansion, with supply greatly overshadowing demand. As of 2023, the CTV market covered more than 46% of the US population. With nearly every second person using their CTV device on a daily basis, it is a large, yet untapped goldmine for app developers. Compared to mobile devices, the competition is not as high, and it is easier to attract customers. Businesses are slowly starting to catch up, but there is still plenty of time to find a lucrative niche and establish a strong foundation to profit from the market.

For CPA companies, one of these options is social casino apps. Social casinos are a popular choice among the vast and paying hyper-casual audience because they may offer an attractive payout with the right approach, lack the legal issues associated with traditional casino applications resulting in account bans, and are especially popular on CTV devices.

To help you make the most out of social casino affiliate payouts, we have decided to show the entire path our partners  walk through, ways to create a successful campaign, and how to obtain a 20-30+% marginal rate to achieve it.

Profiting from social casino ad campaigns

Preparatory Steps: Promo Code and Landing

The initial step is registering at the affiliate platform. After that you will be able to get a unique promo code, which serves two purposes. For customers, it is an exciting bonus offer to kickstart their social casino experience; for affiliates and the casino itself, it is an easy method of customer attribution. Several promo codes can be provided in cases where the CPA company wants to analyze the influx of customers on different platforms and optimize their strategy.

The companies are also given a link to the casino landing page. It serves as an additional call to action for a customer and provides detailed instructions on how to access the promoted app. The page can be used as is or customized to the affiliate’s liking if necessary. 

The CPA company is prepared to launch a campaign and begin drawing clients as soon as these two preliminary stages have been completed.

Launching the campaign

The next step is creating a campaign that will bring customers to the app. For this, we will be using Facebook as an example. The campaign is created through the innate Ads Manager system, where you can set the goals, reach, budget, and optimize other settings. The Meta Pixel, a piece of code, can be used to track any specific event, from visiting the landing page to clicking any button on the website itself.

The settings set depend on the target audience, budget, and needs of an individual CPA company, but the target audience for this kind of promotion stays the same. The most effective setting here is M/F, aged 40+.

Campaign description

When the technicalities of the campaign are filled in, it is time to set a description and image. Do not forget the unique promo code – it is best used both as a text and an image to let the customer easily copy the code and catch their attention. It can also be placed on the landing page for even better results. Here is a typical example of a text used in such campaigns:

  • 🎁To win a prize use your personal promo code VEG-7777🎁
  • Use promo code ✨ CRYTB-7777 ✨ to get FREE COINS.

A typical image includes the name of the social casino, a call to action, a bright button, and the highly visible promo code somewhere in the center. Here is an example:

User experience

All that remains now is to wait for the results. From the user’s standpoint, it works as follows: First, the customer notices the ad on their feed. The click leads them to the social casino landing page, which prompts the customer to login into their CTV account and provides instructions for finding the app. As soon as the app is launched, the customer can enter their promo in the special window to receive bonuses.

The app tracks the usage of the promo code and rewards the relevant affiliate appropriately. If you have launched several campaigns on different platforms, the app will also be able to provide information about the specific code used to help improve your marketing strategy.


While the end margin is mostly determined by the skill of an individual affiliate, this workflow will allow for approximately 20%+. This number can be increased with good marketing expertise or knowledge of the target audience.

The method itself boasts several major upsides. Being a legal industry, social casinos do not clash with the platforms they are being promoted on. This means that the account of the promoter will not be suspended or looked into closely, sufficiently driving down the costs. Social casinos are also just as successful as real online gambling in terms of profit, boasting very similar strategies and techniques to appeal to the customer, naturally driving the marginal rate for affiliates up.

Strike the golden vein!

With more than 70 million users worldwide in January 2023, Roku is enjoying its highest monthly user number so far. Despite this, the CTV market is still developing, leaving a lot of lucrative possibilities for affiliates and CPA companies alike. The space will only dwindle as time goes, and the earliest birds will take it all up.

The current market climate allows for a relatively easy and straightforward way to buy Roku traffic and still get decent payouts. If you are still ambivalent about diving into the action, now would be the best time to do it!

Hop in and start your CTV adventure!