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Feeling lucky today? Go ahead and spin fortune's wheel! An intuitive user-friendly interface, cliffhanging missions, and generous bonuses, Crazino combines it all into the world’s first slot game that's perfectly adapted for CTV. Download it now to feel the thrill.

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As gamers ourselves we understand you. We want you to be empowered to play anytime, anywhere. Our goal is simple, to combine the very best of emerging CTV tech with our passion for video games.

We saw how CTV games were made unprofessionally in the past, for a million dollar industry, this simply wasn’t good enough. Now, thanks to our high quality team and top of the line development processes, we make the professional quality games the CTV industry deserves.

Playcent Games is a rising star in the CTV gaming industry. We hand-pick the best developers, game designers, and storytellers to create next level quality products.

There is so much more to CTV than just TV shows!

Playcent Games is going to revolutionize gaming, so join us on our quest to push the very boundaries of what’s possible. Play your favorite games right now on your connected TV!